How To Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex

I assume you have read my previous post titled pursuit of happiness in the realm of ego and know that your ego’s main business is to either perpetuate your position in your social ladder or better try to climb this. In the process your ego makes you go through a rainbow of emotions both negative and positive, from jealous to sense of success. Most of these emotional states lead to some action towards strengthening your position in the society. Inferiority complex is one such negative state, but the problem with this state is your ego fail to lead you into any positive action.
The emotion of inferiority happens when you are in presence of someone whom you deem superior to you in some aspect, most probably in wealth, position, or looks. If you are a teenager it is most often the looks but in middle age it is wealth and position of the other person which makes you feel inferior. Your ego knows when to accept superiority of others and when to compete and accordingly it produces emotions in you, but you feel no such acceptance or sense of direction to compete when you feel inferior.
Your ego is not to be blamed here. This situation develops when your ego knows that you have the capacity and actually pursue bigger goals but it also knows you lack the sense of direction in your life. You lack a purpose in your life. Your friend may be a real estate broker and made a lot of money and in good social position. You bound to feel inferior to him because though you know real estate is not your cup of tea, you failed to take hold of your “cup of tea and try to enjoy it” whether it may be writing a novel or music.

Lack of life’s purpose and a great self image and self esteem and lack of confidence in your abilities to achieve the goals you set for yourself leads to feeling inferior
We often see people comparing film star to a soldier and posting Facebook messages. This is height of stupidity. A soldier will never compare himself to a film star, he has a purpose in his life and he is proud of his life. Develop a strong purpose in your life and start working towards that goal and like a magic you will find your friend’s wealth and position stops bothering you.
Lack of life’s purpose and a great self image and self esteem and lack of confidence in your abilities to achieve the goals you set for yourself leads to feeling inferior to anyone who according to you is successful and is moving forward in their lives. To get rid of inferiority complex, focus on your life rather than others. Focus on goals of every aspect of your life including health, financial, social, relationships etc. Have clear vision of the future you want to yourself and start moving forward in that direction.
Once you achieve this vision and direction, your ego stops acting in “comparison mode.” And with this, the feelings of inferiority complex seldom set in social encounters. Achieving this vision and direction is a vast subject which cannot be covered in this small article. There are lot of books and articles available both online and offline on this subject which can help you.
Quest for spiritual meaning of life and practicing meditation and other spiritual practices is also an effective way to deal with ego caused pain in life. Joy is one emotion which is related to your spirit rather than ego. You feel egoless and there is no room for inferiority complex, but the subject of this blog is limited to experiment and see whether pursuing happiness in the world of ego is possible. Man as a social animal is ego driven and we want to lead a successful life in this world.

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